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Erb obce Čaňa

Population: 5 633
Area: 1 155 ha

Address of the office: Osloboditeľov 22, 044 14 Čaňa
Phone: 055 / 69 99 206
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: www.obeccana.sk


Čaňa is situated on the right bank of the Hornád River, 15 km south-east of the regional capital Košice. The first written mention about the village, which was then the property of the well-known Aba family, dates from 1164.

Archaeological finds from the territory, however, demonstrate that the village, or a human settlement here, existed as early as in the Stone Age. According to the high number of graves and burial sites found it is possible to state that in those times a rather large village was located here. From those times and up through the present age the village has continually developed and advanced. The population of the village made its living by traditional agriculture. In addition to these activities the residents milled flour at a mill driven by steam and water, which was subsequently exported to Halič, to Czech Republic and to Silesia. In 1854 the village began to mine gravel, in consequence of which four gravel pits originated. Today gravel is only extracted from one of them; the other pits serve for recreational purposes. The most important is the Tajvan Lake, which is the only one with built-up infrastructure suitable for the tourism industry.

Two churches are the dominant features in the village. The Catholic Church is dedicated to the Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was built in 1949 on the site of an original Gothic stone church, which dates from 1386, and a Reform Church dating from 1831, today now reconstructed.


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