Erb obce Bohdanovce

Population: 1 065
Area: 593 ha

Address of the office: Bohdanovce 142, 044 16 Bohdanovce
Phone: 055 / 729 44 05
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bohdanovce is situated in the eastern part of the Košice basin not far from the Slánské pass. The first written mention about the origin of the village dates to the year 1335 and originated by the merging of two original villages: Garbovce and Bohdanovce.

The territory of the village was settled by several cultures. This was mainly due to the suitable strategic position of the village. Proof of settlement on the village territory from prehistoric periods are artefacts from the early Stone Age or the large settlement of the Bukovohorsky culture uncovered with an abundance of found ceramics. Around the year 1850, as a consequence of cholera, sheep pox and typhus, more than half the population of the village died. Another sad event affected the village in 1885 when a large part of the village, including the church and rectory burned. In the middle ages the continuity of the Slavonic population in the village was broken when a great influx of Hungarian population war recorded. The original resident made their living primarily by traditional agriculture.

The village’s dominant feature is a beautiful reform church which dates from 1637; the bell in the tower of this church was cast in Prešov in 1640 by Master Juraj Wien. 


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